Custom or custom-made, made to order, as distinguished from ready-made.

Things we believe that you have a right to when paying for a service


We believe fundamentally that in order to deliver a high quality product, as your supplier we should spend a lot of time Listening to you rather than talking at you.


We believe that you have the right to expect the highest standards of professionalism when commissioning us to produce your website and we respect this in everything that we do.

Fair Pricing

Just because you might not be the most technical person out there does not give anyone the right to charge over the odds for a product.

Help & Support

We will provide an appropriate level of help and support at every stage of the project - appropriate to your needs, not our resources.

About b.spoke web design
Everything you need to know - and plenty you don't . . . . . .

b.spoke web design are a trading style of Callidus Technology Limited and are based in Central England. We operate nationally within the UK and hold several diverse business interests.

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Our Philosophy
What we think about the way things ought to be done.

We believe . . . in delivering high quality products at fair market prices and working with you to establish a development path to allow your budget to deliver your needs.

We believe . . . that our approach should be tailored to your needs and your level of technical savvy - some clients would prefer to have us there to hold their hands every step of the way - others like to be able to play and create for themselves with us stepping back to provide consultancy when needed. Either way, we work with you to find an appropriate level for you.

We believe . . . in transparency and being open with you. We will tell you exactly what we are going to do and why we're doing it so that you can understand the work being carried out on your website- The cornerstone of this is regular, clear and effective communication - something you can expect and should demand from any supplier.


Most of all . . . . . . .

We believe . . . it is YOUR website.